Sunday, May 05, 2019

Galaxy Guardian

Baby Groot

"Groot, you can't.  You'll die!  Why?  Why are you doing this?
"WE are Groot."

This one's a slightly different project from my usual.  My 5yo son is a big Guardians of the Galaxy fan and I made this to decorate his room.  Groot is made from Fimo, sculpted over a wire and tinfoil armature.  I filled the pot with plaster with a bit of pea gravel to give it some heft.  I've never worked substantially with Fimo before, it was surprisingly easy and forgiving to use.  I had to make this in stages so it was baked probably 4-5 times and the first part I did (the head) shows no discoloration, cracking etc.  I added a bit of dark washing to enhance his wood grain, and a few painted details which I think make him look very similar to the recently-sprouted Baby Groot as he appears at the end of the first GotG movie.  He's about 18 cm tall and another 10 cm for the pot, so this is definitely not a small item, by my standards anyway.  Lots of fun, and hopefully my son will like having this cute guy hanging out on his dresser!


  1. Tell him that Groot is moving but stops when he looks at it.

    1. Only if there's music playing :D

      Glad you guys like it, thanks!

  2. That's a really great sculpt, if you hadn't told me otherwise in your post I would've thought it was storebought.

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  4. Pretty impressive for a 1st try TBH.

    I'm glad you have finally jumped in the polymer clay bandwagon :D hope you liked the experience so we can see more custom sculpts soon.

    I personally like the American brand better (Sculpey, as Fimo is German) for sculpting, firm and studio formulas are my favourites so far but lately my wife got into crafting too and got premo!

    You can secure tinfoil paper into wire with dollar store masking tape and blend the clay (plus erase finger prints) brushing clay softener products. Feel free to DM if you need any tips on the subject.

    I'd say you could achieve great "big" monster pieces for your 15mm dudes with that clay.

    5yo, wow. Time flies...

    BTW you got spam at one of your recent posts (Arabic language comment). It happened to me lately so had to Google translate 1st just in case I wasn't erasing some poor chap's comment.

    Cheers pal!

    1. javi, your opinion means a lot to me. Really. So this is high praise :D As always, thanks much for commenting!

      I used Fimo because I didn't want to have to paint this guy all over and worry about the paint wearing off. Super Sculpey does cure to a much harder consistency, from what I understand. I might pick some up if I ever want to make pieces for adults who won't rub their greasy fingers all over them :D

      Amazingly, Groot here contains just over one $5 package of Fimo. Surprisingly little, though it helps that the armature was quite beefy. I added a bit of tinfoil around the "stalk" and a ball to fill out the head, but the arms are just a couple of bare coat hanger wires under the Fimo.

    2. AFAIK Sculpey premo is less brittle than Fimo. My wife does "color sculpting" indeed. Once baked she uses UV resin, which hardens in 5 minutes under direct sunlight and leaves a glass-like gloss and durable finish.

      It's a common trade tip for heavy duty sculpts like cellphone charms and so.


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