Thursday, March 07, 2019

Everybody Dance Now

Barbarian Dancers
15 mm

All alone I have cried
Silent tears full of pride
In a world made of steel
Made of stone...

Whether preparing for battle, celebrating a victory, or just hailing the end of another long winter, every barbarian feast needs some drumming and dancing.  Hopefully, the dancers' ritual will please whatever wild pagan gods their people worship, and herald another year of prosperity...

Once again, models are Copplestone's 15mm Northlander Characters, via North Star Military Figures.  Since someone mentioned it below, the skin tones and highlights on these two figures are all Army Painter Warpaints "Barbarian Flesh" mixed with white.  My previous Barbarica figures used this as well as some Vallejo Pale Flesh and GW Vomit Brown.

"Sigrid, I'm not sure I approve of her new style..."


  1. Thanks for making that bloody song stick in my head for the rest of the week! Otherwise you have added again some excellent stuff! I love that disco-basing!

    1. LOL, which song? Everybody Dance Now, or What a Feeling? XD

      Thanks. Glad you like them :)

    2. It was "Everybody Dance Now"... now it's... DAMN, you did it AGAIN!

  2. Can't believe these are 15mm :O
    Amazing paintjob, seriously.

  3. Well done. And the picture with Dazzler is pretty funny.

  4. The details you managed to paint on these models and the skintones are things I can only dream of. Sublime brushwork!

    1. The skintone bases on these are just different hues of Army Painter Warpaints "Barbarian Flesh". Highlighted up to near-white with same.

      Glad you like them! :)


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