Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Iron Lady

Feminine Navigational Droid

Cabin's purged by satellites, now we're flying high
We've got a lady pilot, who's not afraid to die

This figure started life as a Space Bunny Arts sculpt.  It was a fun conversion, and an extensive one:

I liked the original, but after seeing "Solo: A Star Wars Story" its passing resemblance to Lando Calrissian's passionately droid-emancipating co-pilot L3-37 prodded me to do a conversion.  L3-37 was one of my favourite supporting characters in the movie, partly because "she" finally addressed (in spades) the awkward question of droid ownership in the SW universe, and partly because she was just well-written.


  1. Wow, really outstanding work, I like how you envisioned the final result from the raw materials :)

    1. Thanks, guys! :)

      Suber: I had vague other ideas for this figure but seeing Solo started the gears grinding... though not right away. Took a few days. Inspiration sets its own schedule.


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