Saturday, August 31, 2013

Move along, move along...

Prang Constable
15 mm

Yet another Eli Arndt sculpt from  After seeing Spacejacker's nice paint-up here, this was a figure I had to get.  I suspect this version is vaguely inspired by, of all things, the TV show Space Precinct.  It also occurs to me that with his green flesh and rippled chin he resembles a Skrull, albeit a very fat one.  Nerrrrrrd!

I had the same problem with a blobby, indistinct hand weapon that he did, but picked an easier solution: I removed it.  Now my constable has the traditional space-policeman's electro billy club.

"You're a little out of your jurisdiction, Judge!  Here we believe in 'due process'."


  1. Nice paint scheme, Mr. M. And a clever conversion.

  2. Nice work as always. I love the picture and caption with Dredd too.

  3. Neat conversion and lovely paintjob. There are some funky figures in this range.

  4. Excellent rendition Allison- well up to your usual high standard!

  5. Yeah not sure what went wrong on the gun on this guy. I blame my sculpting as I don't think I have it enough structure to resist the mold pressure.


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