Monday, June 03, 2013

Star Grunt

Alien Trooper
15 mm

Theirs not to make reply, 
Theirs not to reason why, 
Theirs but to do and die.
- Alfred, Lord Tennyson

A quick fun paint job on a figure, before I start work on a slightly more elaborate project.  Cute little guy, and my classic "green fatigues" scheme seemed very clever until I noticed that it's very similar to the way Spacejacker painted this guy.

Carcassone Scoring Markers
28 mm

I did another set of these for some Carcassone-playing friends.  Thanks to the (now-defunct) Mega Miniatures' impressive selection of medievals, they're a slightly different set of characters: Abbess, King, Constable, Warrior Lady, and Knight.


  1. He looks great! I think you managed a more detailed finish than mine.. Bravo Allison!

    1. Thanks. Honestly, it's probably just higher highlights. I've decided that makes even a somewhat blobby sculpt (which this is, though I still like it) look more crisp.

      I literally had your pic onscreen while I was painting that visor BTW, very helpful ;) I just made mine blue instead of green.

  2. Hey Allison- nice little figure. I fall into the trap of painting things in the same colour scheme as Spacejacker (and many others), except unlike your good self, I'm afraid I do it fairly deliberately! There was one occasion when something I painted was almost identical to one of Mr Harold's schemes, but I'm pretty sure it was either accidental or subconscious! Anyway, a good paint scheme is a good paint scheme- I've copied a couple of yours if I remember correctly!

    1. That you have. And I have never complained :D

  3. Nice work, Mr.M. I like them. Looks to me like they are tromping around in the mud. Cool.

  4. Alien trooper is looking great, and Carcassone markers (I'm a fan of the game!) wonderful!

  5. Cool. Looks like a Dralasite from the old Star Frontiers RPG, but I don't think they ever made official minis in that scale. Or maybe one of the races from M.U.L.E., except more martial.

    Also, I always knew you were up to no good:

    1. I never even thought Dralasite when I sculpted this guy but it totally works!


    2. I myself had to look up Dralasites, but yeah, I think your subconscious might have given you a kick during the sculpting process there. Nice to have you by my blog, Eli :)


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