Monday, June 17, 2013

11th Doctor WIP

So far, so good.  A good sculpt makes all the difference; I don't think I've ever had an easier time painting eyes. 

I don't usually complete parts of the mini before touching the rest this way, but for some reason I felt I needed to give this guy some "life" before I moved on to fussing over his clothes etc.


  1. Lovely amount of character in that face Allison!

  2. Nice WIP Face looks great.I hate painting eyes.

  3. Looks good, and I completely agree about good sculpts. Somewhere between the yawning void of eye-hole and horrible eyeball tentacle blasting off in some random direction is the sweet spot of just enough definition to be able to paint on it but not so much that you can't control what happens.

    Looking at some reference pics of dr11, that jacket is going to be an interesting challenge. Quite a tight pattern, and not very high contrast. Geronimo.

    1. I literally painted across with white, dotted on irises and they were perfect on the first try, not walleyed or blobby. Lined above and below with brown+flesh and they turned out looking great. Not gonna hold my breath for THAT to happen again... at least until my next Heresy figure. I bought two more Doctors from them, after all :)

      I may just match the colour of the jacket, I don't even know how to begin hinting at such a fine weave pattern. Looks like his shirt has subtle stripes too, maybe I'll save my patience for that.

  4. Good contrast between skintone, hair and red (not too orange-ish and defo not pink nor crimson).

    Also looks like it's blacklined (hair/fez part) but far from overdoing it.

    Great job sir... I'm curious about how will it end.

  5. I just drove past Guelph on my way to Toronto. Yay training.


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