Saturday, January 28, 2012

Riflethings, Take 2

15 mm

I got a start on the rest of my Khurasan Riflethings. Nothing too exciting, the rest of these won't have quite the "hero" base that the first one did. It's neat, but looking at it in my display case, it's almost diorama-like and less like what one should put on members of a squad of minis (even for display). I think the last two Riflethings will be based together on a larger base, just to be different.


  1. Gunrunner... that's the plan. Good thing it's a simple scheme: I usually paint singles, so I never remember to keep track of colour mixes etc.

  2. Very nice. I keep meaning to do some more scenic bases, but I get paranoid about utility.

  3. Can't wait to see those overwatch elites painted !

    I agree on that I regret I made cetain scenic bases in the past cause they take out way too much protagonism to the actual figure.


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