Monday, November 14, 2011

Less Human than Human

Khurasan Riflething
15 mm

I managed to squeeze this little guy in before the end of my parental leave... only one of five, but I did want to test my colour scheme before I (some day) paint up the rest of the squad. Inspiration was the Overwatch Elite from Half Life 2.

Still working on my Fourth Doctor. Not surprisingly I'm not the first person who thought Dalek parts would make good base decoration. But I'm glad I didn't have to hack up a metal figure to do it :)


  1. He looks brilliant. I'm going to have to do some figures in those colors soon. Love the wall too!

  2. L.O.V.E.I.T.

    But why not placing a bin next to him and a can on the ground ? that would mean someone pissed him off recently ;)

    Need to remind thatif I do any of those in the near future!


  3. "Pick up the can!"

    Javi - nice ;) But those were Civil Protection... still human under their suits (luckily for Barney) and positively warm and fuzzy by Combine standards. The Elites would just shoot you :/

    But yes, please paint up a set of these, I'd love to see your take on them! At least, if you decide you still don't like painting "regular minis", they are dirt cheap...

  4. Amazing mini diorama bases at this scale. They looks very cool.

  5. Really beautifully painted! I'm just on my wat thru' your blog for the first time-fantastic!

  6. (That should be 'way' of course!)


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