Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm in the middle of some things now, so: a "look what I found" post to keep the blog flowing while I paint away...

I'd never heard of Lead Bones before... but this is pretty cool. Anyone who enjoyed "Bioshock" should recognize these 15mm heavies:

Sure to keep your underwater temple to Ayn Rand safe and secure from any pesky players roaming around out there! They're available at Recreational Conflict, along with a 28mm version! I'll have to pick up a set someday, when I've finished painting everything else in my stash. It's a pity their shipping charge to Canada is $12; it's enough to make me "Go Galt"... :P

EDIT: the seller posted on Lead Adventures to clear up the postage thing, you should pay less for small orders that fit in an envelope instead of a box.


  1. So you can exchange your currency for these goods? I am intrigued by this concept... Crap, can't think of any clever Rand things to say.... um, A is A! Dagny Taggart! yeah, I got nothing.

    I never played Bioshock, but shouldn't there be a little girl with that thing? That would truly be tiny.

  2. Yup, little sisters meant there was a big daddy somewhere near... never finished the 1st 1 nor unwrapped the 2nd game (yet).

    It'd be nice to see your approach on case you get time to.

  3. I got a PM on Lead Adventures from the maker:

    "Our postage is based on packages if you order smaller items we ship in padded envelopes and refund the remainder."

    Well _that's_ nice! Certainly a bonus for picky painters like me :D You may see these guys painted here some time after all.


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