Wednesday, June 07, 2023

15mm terrain goodies

Shipping containers


My Instagram buddy @winnipegmichael generously sent me a bunch of nice corrugated craft paper, so naturally the first thing I made with it was that classic terrain piece, intermodal cargo containers.  If you own something manufactured, there's a good chance it once traveled in one of these...

I tried to make them look used but not totally abused.  The graffiti was fun, I did some of it with my child's Posca paint markers.

Wind turbine and solar unit

These two pieces were surprisingly easy for how good they came out looking. They're made from cardstock, corrugated paper, printed papercraft designs, and some toy parts.  The techy turbine blades are from a Kinder egg toy; there's a bit of Lego in there too.


  1. This stuff is inspirational, I love this kind of projects, where you have to envision something from scratch and turn it into something beautiful, as in this case

    1. Thanks! That wind turbine toy has been kicking around for years and I knew I wanted to use it for something.


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