Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Carceral State

Alien prisoners and guards

Early one morning
The blues came fallin' down
I was all locked up in jail
And prison bound


Technology and culture may evolve but apparently throwing society's rule breakers into confinement always stays in fashion... this group of non-human convicts might be petty hustlers, violent career criminals, or even hapless political prisoners of a despotic regime. Their heavily-armed guards march them around, tolerating no disobedience or attempts to escape.

I think these two CP Models sets (boiler-suited aliens and guards) that come with a choice of heads are such a great idea.  Depending on the head used, the characters really turn out feeling very different, especially the guards who could be anything from simple gas-masked near-future humans to genetically-engineered apes or very weird aliens!  The "boiler suits" can easily be spacers' jumpsuits, uniforms, or as here, prison garb.

"Stay in line, scum, or it's the box for you!"


  1. Very nice! I haven't looked at the 15mm CP ranges...yet.

  2. Intense reto sci-fi flick vibes here. Also, somehow makes me think of Farscape and all these funky aliens.

    You are nailing these pics lately: background, scene... Looks like a movie scene recreation!

    PS: using green for this purpose is ace. In earth we use orange due to human perception of colours. Making space convicts dress like that sells the idea it all happens in a far away and different place from earth.

  3. I just ordered from CP models... now I realize that I forgot something important. Great job, they look cool.


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