Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Into the Spider-verse

Mother of Spiders
28 mm scale (~40 mm)

The subterranean world holds many mysteries and terrors... savage driders, huge cavern crawlers, slimes, myconids, and more.  The looming Mother of Spiders is one of the most cryptic.  Rumored to roam the caves, accompanied by a swarm of venomous arachnids, she has been said to lead explorers astray, attack them, or even strike bargains in exchange for tasks or items from the surface.

Added stalagmites and extra spidery goodness... 

The Mother of Spiders is a Bear's Head miniature.

Captain Esmeralda and her crew encounter a terrifying hag as they
search the seaside caverns for Butcher Sutcliff's treasure hoard.


  1. Damn, she's really creepy! Fantastic as always, Allison!

  2. Eeek!! (That's a compliment!) Really good job!

  3. Very creepy and sinister looking model, the base also fits her perfectly.
    Amazing work!

  4. No no no ...

    This is one hard to look at. Dislike it to the bone, seriously.

    I'm not sure how creepy the miniature was already before painting but color choices and texture (those rags! The king in yellow would be proud) are ace.

    Really dig the cloth, your style shines on this piece

  5. I'm glad everyone thinks she's "creepy"! That's very high praise! It's definitely what I was going for with this piece. I just noticed the visual parallel between her conical head and the stalagmites I added to the base, which I think works well but I really didn't plan?!

    But as always kudos to the sculptor Philip Hynes for his mad skills :) (and for using Kickstarter judiciously to get pieces like this to his customers quickly and economically)

  6. The fact you think about this as a "she" instead of "it" is quite disturbing buddy.

    Eeeeww! :D

    1. She/it's the "Mother of Spiders" not the "Daddy Longlegs" XD

  7. Definitely creepy, the extra eyes made me double-take.

  8. Wonderfully creepy. Well done as always.

  9. Wonderful work on the Mother-of-Spiders and a great last photo!


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