Sunday, October 21, 2018

No seat in Valhalla

Shaman and Draugar
15 mm

A couple more figures from the Barbarica "Northlander Characters" pack, painted as a mystical (or maybe just deranged) hermit and an undead Draugar warrior.  Draugar, the Norse undead "possess superhuman strength, can increase their size at will, and carry the unmistakable stench of decay".  They are also supposed to have "blue and evil looking" or black skin, and possess a variety of supernatural abilities.  Possessing insatiable appetites, they envy and hate the living, leaving carnage and misery in their wake.

Background's a Kleenex box.  Pretty good, huh? ;)


  1. Incredible highlights on such tiny minis. They look awesome :-)

  2. +1 for the paint job, the undead look suberb!

  3. A great unique take on an undead model.
    Marvelous work on both of them.

    1. Thanks! I wasn't sure how the blue would work out, but it looks quite creepy somehow.

  4. I like the blue, icy, slightly White (blue) Walker look to the draugar.

    Copplestone sculpts are so nice to paint, they look lovely.

  5. OOPS! Missed this one: but it is truly your work with the Mr. M. touch.


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