Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Short Rounds

Dwarf Mercenary and Goblin Tank Ace
15mm scale

This couple of diminutive but tough guys have been on deck at my painting table for a while.  Fun quick paint jobs, and full of their own character; one a high-tech power-armoured warrior, the other a leather-helmeted trench fighter with a jaunty scarf.  The dwarf is a Khurasan figure, while the greenskin is from Ion Age's Malig range.

"Guys?  Guys?  I could really use air support right about now..."
I have a couple of really impressive 28mm figures coming soon from the Bear's Head Miniatures Kickstarter, they're done casting now so I'm hoping to see them show up within the month...


  1. I like the tank ace's beady little eyes. Once again, you've brought out an awful lot of detail on such a small scale.

    I am all anticipation with respect to what you will do with the Bear's Head miniatures. I just checked out their KS page. I don't know which miniature I'd rather see you do. Gary Gygax? HP Lovecraft? The Tavern Halfling (aka "the first to die")?

    1. LOL... one of those is bang on! Plus an additional morbid scribe ;)


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