Saturday, December 02, 2017

Avenging Outlaw

Phoolan Devi, "Bandit Queen of Uttar Pradesh"
28 mm

I was intrigued that Bad Squiddo Games (aka Annie Norman), purveyor of "believable female miniatures", made not one, but three models of this controversial, but memorable figure from India's recent history.  Was she a hero avenging women and the mistreated lower castes?  Or simply a murdering brigand?  As usual, real people can't be pigeonholed, and her story holds a mirror to the desperation and unjust treatment women and lower-caste Indians faced during her lifetime, and continue to struggle against today.

Seema Biswas as Devi in her 1994 biopic;
obviously the model for this sculpt.


  1. Interesting topic. Lovely skin tones and basing!

  2. Wow, interesting subject and very nicely painted!

  3. Addendum: someone on a forum asked for it, so here's a moderately-helpful size comparison.

  4. Excellent job, lovely colors and great basing as well...


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