Monday, September 21, 2015

A Dark Lord Unmasked

So I don't often do blog posts about other people's blog posts, but I recently came across something too cool to pass up.  Matt S. at Oldenhammer in Toronto recently posted this conversion of a Star Wars Imperial Assault Darth Vader figure which blew me away:

He has a bit to say about it too:
If there's anything scarier than Darth Vader in his mask, it's Darth Vader with the top down: the bruised eyes, the long unhealed wounds, and the skin pale as a moonscape. There is no better subject if you want a miniature as a portrait of a person in pain.

It's a powerful portrait of one of our favourite sci-fi villains in all his hideous glory...  If you like it, don't just tell me.  Tell him!  (He's also posted some other really nice Star Wars stuff more recently, so check that out too.  I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this blog from now on.)


  1. That is superb man! Looking so badass!

  2. Thanks Allison (and all) for the feedback!
    So far, my favourite comment on this conversion was someone at the Fantasy Flight forum, who tartly observed that Darth Vader would die without his face mask. It reminded me of the old saying: witches don't exist, and they can't fly on brooms.


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