Saturday, November 29, 2014

Corbal Hardpoint... On The Move!

Corbal Mobile Hardpoint
15mm scale

Well, it's done!  This is definitely the biggest project I've done in ages, and although it proceeded painfully slowly at times I have to say I'm really happy with how it turned out.  I went with a white/colour accent scheme because I rather liked the white/red studio paint job on the Ion Age website, and frankly, because it's not too hard to paint a lot of white this way.  Also, I think camouflaging something like a four-storey-tall walking gun tower would be kind of pointless, especially if you want to use it as a "terror weapon".

(Now that I look at it all finished up it does have more than a passing resemblance to a giant walking Dalek... but that's not really a bad thing.)

"Run away!  Run away!"

"Here's the problem, big guy.  You've got some humanoid stuck to your foot."


  1. Hi, Mr. M. Nice work, sir. Fine paint job and special effect.

    And a nice touch of introducing us to a huge machine and his auxiliary "Doc" Bott.

    1. Well Jay, you know your blog does inspire my photoshop efforts :) Thanks!

  2. That turned out beautiful.
    Nice colours, reminds me a lot of R2D2 :).

    1. Well huh, you're right, it is R2-D2 coloured. I didn't even think of that. Some SW fan I am! The blue is Space Wolf Grey (?) from the old 1990-ish Space Marine paint box.

  3. Lovely action shot. Nice job creating visual texture with such a mono-coloured behemoth. I'm very taken with the soft (?patel?) blue stripes as well.


  4. That looks really great. Well worth sticking with :)

  5. Lovely to see it finished. I have linked it to a post on The Ion Age blog and told people about it. Keep up the mad and excellent work.


  6. Wow what a beast.
    Must get one :):):)
    Great paint job

  7. That is very cool and painted perfectly.

  8. Walking Dalek ? Giant R2D2 I say!

    Lovely weathering on its feet.


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