Friday, June 27, 2014

Terrain, and Maligs, and Hell Divers, oh my!

Ruined City Terrain
15 mm scale

Took a while but these turned out pretty much like I imagined them in my head.  I'm glad I broke up the grey monotony with some painted/patterned surfaces, and coloured wreckage and casualties to keep it interesting.  They were probably a lot more work than most gamers would want to put into random ruins though!

Ion Age Maligs
15 mm

The violent, dirty, undisciplined greenskins of the Ion Age universe!  And dumb, so so dumb.  Dirty deeds done dirt cheap, but as usual you get what you pay for.  Want them to blow up a radar station?  Oops, they blew up your favorite radio station.

"Ay mates, three to one!  We can take 'im!"

One more thing... Though I usually try to avoid posting "Look what I bought!", I feel ClearHorizon Miniatures' strong initial releases deserve as much promotion as possible.

Professional packaging :)
My personal favorites...
What possessed me to buy all these Hell Divers?  Oh right, they're a really nice lineup.  I think I got all the infantry packs that are currently available.  Looking forward to painting some of these!


  1. Love your work on the buildings, very realistic!

  2. Nice modeling, Mr. M. The derelict buildings are neat. And looking forward to your painting rendition of the Omegas.

    1. Thanks, that really means something from a guy who does "photography terrain" as well as you do!

      How did you guess I was going to do the Omegas first? I may swap some heads around though :)

  3. A very fine collection of recent endeavours Allison! I am awaiting an order of Omegas myself, so like Jay, I'm looking forward to what you do with them. All the above painting and modelling? Full marks!


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