Saturday, February 08, 2014

"They Came From Planet Tubby"

Mysterious Tele-Aliens
15 mm

The origins of these strange biomechanical aliens are shrouded in mystery.  They dance and babble in childlike voices, until they suddenly disappear, only to turn up on a new world.  Strangely, they can communicate instantly with others of their kind via their abdominal view screens, and so have become a widely used faster-than-light messaging network for other species.  They have been known to alarm some human religious leaders, but are considered an extremely useful oddity by most sentients.
(This "squad" was my entry in the Dropship Horizon 15mm SF painting contest.  A lot goofier than my original plan, but time was tight.)

The figures above were my original plan for this contest.  Khurasan GOTA Clan riflemen with Mekanoid Melee Bots for support, on scratchbuilt starship bases.  But my KM order just arrived this week and there's no way I could have finished them nicely for the 15th.  So, Tubbies it is ;)


  1. Well I wish you luck with the tubbies! Goofy perhaps, but still a great paint job. As for the Gota Clan troops, I got some of those, and I really like the sculpts, so I'm looking forward to your treatment of them. I'm too embarrassed to post pictures of my own, because once again I have partially hi-jacked a colour scheme from Robin Fitton of Gruntz fame- sorry Robin, you shouldn't be so good!

    1. Thanks! And never apoogize for paying homage to a good painter. There are only so many (good) colour schemes out there after all :)

  2. Gotta love 'em! Bases recreate perfectly tubbies' field and at the same time look gorgeously old school. The shades of color are pretty well chosen, vibrant yet not too bright nor flat.

    You know I'm keen on that kind of stuff... Great sic-fi (or at least old times') is constantly lime that; awesome fluff BTW. Classics like SW were made of this.

  3. Those tubbies look cute and fun. I quite fancy some of those Gota Clan as well. On my to buy list this year if the funds allow. Good luck with the comp. I need to get me ass in gear and get my entry finished!

  4. Nice to see an entry that's not sci-fi human soldiers! The GOTA are great figures too, despite being sci-fi human soldiers. I especially like the guns. Big and sci-fi looking but kind of utilitarian at the same time.

  5. I like the Tubbies. I forgot about those figures until seeing them tonight. You did a great job on them. A unique entry. The GOTA are really nice, but a bit more commonplace so to speak. Hopefully, unique with a great paint job will work in your favor.

    BTW I like the bases on the GOTA figs. Can't wait to see them finished.


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