Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Untoten Soldaten - finished

Nazi Zombies
15 mm

Corporal Bauer huddled inside the ruined bakery, listening for any hint the hideous creatures outside might have detected his presence.  The scratching and moaning continued to come from the street outside however, interspersed with wet sounds he was sure were his dead squadmates being dismembered and consumed.  After a day of heavy fighting, they had been caught by surprise, by what seemed to be a group of their own Waffen-SS... but empty-eyed men soaked with blood and stinking of death, attacking with bare hands and teeth.

A tiny scuffing noise made him look frantically around the debris-strewn room.  In one dark corner, a British soldier crouched, a heavy coating of grime and mud making him almost invisible.  Bauer spasmodically clutched his Mauser, but the Englishman only brought a finger to his lips, and with his other hand, held up a cloth bag bulging with heavy, egg-shaped objects.  Bauer stared for a moment, then glanced down at his own belt, where a single grenade remained...

It took me way too long to do these, but some days I feel like a zombie myself. I think I'll keep them to admire for a while before the go in the mail to my brother...  Anyway, you can check out a much, much more impressive 28mm WW2 zombie project, entitled "Don't Fraternize with Germans" at Anatoli's Game Room.  Amazing!


  1. Just WOW. Ands it's virtually impossible to leave me speechless.

    Great color choices well executed. Works wonders even from far distance.

  2. Excellent job on the Y harnesses, that must have been tricky to keep clean. Great looking gore as well! Especially on the officer.

  3. He's an SS officer. Suffice to say he probably had a taste for butchery before he was resurrected as a zombie.

    Thanks for the kind words you guys :)


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