Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tasty... and Trans-Dimensional

One of my readers *cough javi cough* reminded me of my Christmas gingerbread tradition recently... so here's this year's creation:

230 mm

Perhaps not overly elaborate, but I try to make each one a little special. The light is a little LED tea light, covered by a clear plastic cup. This will be a gift for some friends, but I'll probably make a second similar one to keep.

Also, I thought in the spirit of much of my recent painting, I'd post this very old work:

On the back in my dad's writing is "Dr. Who's TARTUS (sic) Gingerbread house, Christmas 89 with K-9 mechanized dog". Any inaccuracies can be blamed on the fact that I rarely actually got to watch Doctor Who at age 15, and I was probably working either from memory, or the illustration on the cover of one of the episode novelizations...

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  1. You know I love those chewing-sculpts of yours ! just in case you won't be able to update those holydays, merry xmas in advance!


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