Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chick Challenge 2008

Rebel Alliance Pilot and droid

"They're moving our base to Dantooine, R5. It looks pretty safe and out of the way to me."

This is my Chick Challenge 2008 entry, in the Sci-Fi category. No chance of winning anything, of course, since the quality of the other entries is pretty high. The miniatures are 80's-era Grenadier figures, the holo generator is made from Zoid toy parts.


  1. Half naked girls are realy overrated in this hobbie. You did a clean job on a really old mini, plus it has the correct mood.

    Source lighting is not super smooth but its far better that i would do if I trave it a try. Love the R2 unit and the floor and the orange is nicely executed.

    A 8+ mini. Go 18 years or so to the past and people would call yo painting god.

    Keep working on ol' stuff... painters like you make worthy checking minis out on the internet (the are too many -insert top noch painter here- imitaors to find ay excitement.


  2. make me want to watch Logan's Run. great made that generator thing with the bobble on top?? cool!

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