Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Something New

It's "Talk Like a Pirate Day"! My secret pirate is done and emailed off to Exodus Road so in 1 week maybe I will win me some BOOTY!

Imperial Hot Water Heater Repairman

I'm starting one of the minis received from tidoco2222 in the Mini Exchange. I'm not sure what exactly he's supposed to be, or what that huge thing he's carrying really is. So he's now a member of the Adeptus Thermaquaticus, cyborg monks responsible for maintaining the hot water heaters in Imperial buildings and spacecraft. An important duty, as a Space Marine who has had a cold shower in the morning is a dangerous creature.

(This is a resin mini, converted a little by me. Green bits are putty, and the protruding "faucet" is a bent plastic rod)


  1. Hope you do but Cmon! Show us some skin, I meant, velvet. I'm really curious since it's something beyond my skills (like SENMM and such effects that come handy when painting flat surfaces note: that being said with some angst to it)

    Oh my... lol :D I guess you already knew I was going to love it haha; this is the kind of guy I picture removing the cr*p obstruction from imperial services' pipes, a job that literally sucks.

    You know, Eldar meals sure taste like heaven but human stuff will look and taste like... in the forty-fisrt millenium.

    In the grim darkness of the far future toilets there is only CRAP

    I found this fella really amusing. Gotta see him all dirty and with heavy rusted equipment.

    May I suggest worker-like colors instead of the typical imperial crimson-brown robes from 2nd ed. 40K John blanche's illustrations?

  2. Adeptus Thermaquaticus, heh :D

    I'm looking forward to seing what you can do with this one. Looks like a fun one to paint.

    Did Tidoco send you a green or are these pics taken from a diferent source?

  3. A green ? ain't that a scibor monstrous miniatures casted in resin? slighly converted of course :P

    You could go further with the conversion (ah, the joys of licking the tools) and make him an imperial gardener just adding a man-eating plant popping out that sci-fi flowerpot. Like Mario Bros.' pipe flowers lol Now you know who put all those pipes in the old mario games.

  4. Hey Allison,
    I have not visited here in a while. Cool to see the new projects. and when do we get to see that pirate...argghh!

    This new guy looks neat, you can almost picture him blessing the water heaters as he repairs them. That way imperial soldiers can be showered and baptized every morning!

  5. this new fig looks nice. i'd like to see how you handle it. :D

  6. k, where's the new post at ? want to see the darn pirate =)

  7. Congrats on that pirate...she was a real gem! The Adeptus Thermaquaticus is plain genius. I hope to see Adeptus CableusRepairium and Adeptus GardenerFlowergenium soon.


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