Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Dirty Fighter

Nurgle Champion

Beneath a sky of maggots I walked
Until those maggots began to fall
I gaped at God to receive my gift
Bathed in maggots 'til the planet sh*t

- GWAR, "Maggots"

Nurgle is the Chaos God of disease, contagion and decay. His followers wallow in a lethal miasma of filth and infection, spreading death and hideous plagues everywhere they go. Over them all, Lord Nurgle gazes lovingly, bestowing his vile "gifts" upon his favoured Champions.

(a companion piece to my Chaos Space Marine of Khorne)


  1. Just curious... the highlights work really well. Did you pick a lighting direction or just highlight whatever stood out the furthest?

    Very cool mini.

  2. I just highlighted the physical "high points", there isn't any directional lighting on this guy. He's not really groundbreaking work for me, to be honest. Just fun :)


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