Monday, March 06, 2006

Chaos Marine Update

Did a bit of work on this guy:

Metallic paints are just great. I don't think I will ever switch over to exclusively nonmetallics, no matter how good I get at using them to render "shiny" metal surfaces.


  1. I agree with the metallic paint thing. I find it so much nicer and much less time consuming.

  2. NMM are meant to 2D paintings... that's my 2 cents.

    Sometimes I thing those "painting gurus" will end up screwing something with that "going a step further" mentality.

    Old timers will recall that WD FIRST pics about the blood angels' hero painted gold in NMM like the ilustration. At that time the term NMM didn't exist, it took a long yadayada explanation to keep fans aware about why that bloody angel was "yellow and brown" and in the end, nobody I knew liked it, despite it make Mike McVey ( the infaous WD painter of that particular era) waste so much time :D

    I like NMM but I'll stick to metallic metals (what will be next, prepainted minis ? ooops, it's been done already... May God assist us!)

    I love that bright red!


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