Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tiger, tiger, burning bright... (and Cthulhu)

Tiger 1E Tank
70 mm long

I painted up a Tiger tank for my brother's German army. What a beast, probably the most dangerous tank of WW2. Named "Lucil", probably after the tank commander's girlfriend (well, actually I named it after the musician Lederhosen Lucil).


Added some more colour to Great Cthulhu. Pink and green are not easy to use together, they just feel wrong. Which is why I'm using them together on this guy :D


  1. Aaaagh! My mind is slipping away....

    Cool fig. I would get him but then I don't like the sculpted swirlies on him.

    Looks good so far :P

  2. Really like the Tiger as well. Great job :)

  3. Hi, I found this blog thru CMON. Great mini, allways loved it. Not as chaotic as ral partha's (despite it may do justice to the tale) not as clean as fenryll's.
    On the pianting, I'd loved this pink + green effect on any other mini than this one. Cant picture Cthulhu with pink on it (pink is prety close to fleshtones from THIS planet). Anyways I like the effect at this stage better than in the upper one with brighter pink.

    keep going that great work.


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