Thursday, July 07, 2005

Exchange - Holy smokes! Miniature Exchange #4

Sent to Todd ("DM of Doom") in Largo, Florida:

 Alternative Armies Feral Orc and Rackham Iron Priestess.

Received from Ann ("Anatora") in Prattville, Alabama:

So much! Soooo much! Highlights are a limited edition ReaperCon figure (upper right), A "Cabalistic Angel" (lower right), a neat pirate (small unlabeled bag), and "Jain Zar: the Storm of Silence" (upper left). I am truly touched by such generosity :)

Now, which one do I paint first...?


  1. THE HORSE THE HORSE!!! PAINT THE HORSE FIRST! And....why is the iron priestess (i almost typed iron maiden, but that would be a bad 80's metal band) in so many pieces - broke in the mail??

  2. Nope, the Iron Maiden *plays air guitar, deedley deedley deedley wah wah* comes in separate pieces.

    "Some assembly required, not suitable for small impressionable children and their small chokable tracheas".

  3. I love the use of "smileys" in your post. Now its like I totally understnad how you were feeling when you an empathic bond we will forever share.


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