Monday, January 31, 2011

CMON Mini Exchange #25

These exchanges are always a lot of fun, and I painted up TWO figures from the last one, which is a new personal best.

Received today from "Tarreknoire" in the UK:

GW plastic "Fellowship of the Ring" (ALL of them!)
GW plastic Space Marine
GW Imperial Guard loader
HorrorClix "Fandancer" (squished a bit, alas)
... as well as various interesting-looking older stuff

Sent to "bsop" in New York:

Reaper "Jeb Wilson: Western Outlaw"
GW Tau Fire Warrior
Revelation "The Rook"
HeroQuest orc, goblin and chaos warrior (of course!)


  1. Ive got that Fellowship set myself and was pleasantly surprised at some of the detail, esp. for plastics.

    Pity they forgot to put the inscription on the ring though, i was hoping to practice some OSL on there :(

  2. The Fellowship: yes, *nice* detail, and cleverly designed to largely conceal the lack of undercuts etc. But those swords... perilously thin for plastics. I'm worried they're going to break :O

    I noticed the Ring was plain too... another consequence of plastic molding no doubt :(

  3. I for once wish to never had lost faith in "mainstream miniatures" aka profitable stuff so I could own myself some and exchange with others but arround the end of the WH40k 2nd edition era I lost interest on painting anything that wasn't made by me or at least was utterly fun stuff like cereal prizes and such.

    Nice ones you got sir, specially the weird ones like the snotling or the stripper :P

  4. I seldom leave comments on blog, but I have been to this post which was recommended by my friend, lots of valuable details, thanks again.

  5. ^^ hmm, never sure what to make of comments like this. Is it spam? If so, it's not selling anything. Is it a personal comment? If so, it tells me nothing and expresses nothing.

  6. LMAO I could label myself as SPAM too :D

    A dectective minded person would infere from that comment at least two things.

    a) there is people that recommends your blog.

    b) first impression about this blog's contents is good enough to even make people who don't usually blog to leave praises on you.

    Like cells on microscope you previously have to tint them to see anything and to me, it looks like that was a compliment on gobal basis after all.

    Anyway that made me think that I've never recommended a blog to anyone and I know an historic gaming association (they play a lot of FOW and other 15mm stuff) so I might call them someday and recommend to check your tinny stuff if you don't mind.

    BTW I'm having hard times figuring out what few of those are. A beastman and a couple of orcs?

  7. Yes there are some old, blobby orcs there. I don't think there are any beastmen. BTW the "stripper" is a cyberpunk elf of some kind.

    You're probably right by the way, that comment above is just a random compliment, and I should take it as such... :P Not very gracious, am I? But it WAS caught by Blogger's spam filter, which suggests that being a bit more specific, and less anonymous, is a good idea when commenting.


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