Monday, January 17, 2011

Cruising with Gunhead

CSD Mk1 Security Robot
28 mm scale

A Reaper Chronoscope "CSD Mk1". I don't have a great track record with this type of miniature. Anything robotic, and anything anime-like are often... not finished by me. I never even completed my "Appleseed" minis, despite them being such an amazing find, and from an anime I really enjoyed.

I've added some antennas to this thing to make it a little more interesting, though I doubt it'll ever be Tachikoma-cute. But it will be light blue, because research indicates the colour blue lulls intruders into a false sense of security.

Also... I located where Agis got the base figure for his amazing 15 mm Captain America:

Superfigs in 15 mm scale at Old Glory

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  1. Despite it's 28mm it would look great as 15mm too.

    I'm curious about how this would look painted.

    Already knew about the captain america source as far as I spent some time reserching when I 1st saw your red skull :)


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