Thursday, January 13, 2011

By the power of Greyskull...

HeroQuest Barbarian ("He-Man")
28 mm

Ok, so he's not exactly as exciting as "Skeletor", as I've said the villain usually gets the coolest outfit :) But I am pleased with the way the skin turned out, which is good considering how little he's wearing. The only real modification I did is the belt design, which I tried to make similar in style to He-Man's chest plate (while not clashing with the rest of the figure). Since I was messing with greenstuff after I started painting, I didn't try to make it too elaborate.

As you can see I gave him a companion; maybe a little small, but perhaps Battle Cat is young in this photo :) The cat is from Mega Miniatures.

I'll probably try to paint up a few more of these HeroQuest figures in the coming months: Chaos Warriors, orcs/goblins, maybe a zombie (But not the Fimir because, frankly, they're lousy minis even by HQ standards).


  1. Subtle yet outstanding, specially for a dull sculptwork like Hero Quest's.

    You proved that somethimes doing less works better than overdoing it. Painting the belt grey and adding the detail make it a worth looking mini.

    The skin looks really good considering how flat the mini actually is, and the adition of the cat is just ace.

    Speaking of wich, this is no younger battlecat but an accurate Cringer figure. At least it looked like that (pussy) when wasn't beefed up by the power of greyskull. Damn, even this one of yours looks more menacing than the old Cringer :)) look at its eyes, planning out something for sure!

  2. Thanks!

    When is a cat not planning something? ;)

  3. mnnn... while it's catnapping!

    BTW I'm having hard times guessing how HQ's dwarf, warlock and elf would look awesome (concept-wise).

    Other than painting warlock's bandana, pants and gloves pink and add a pair of sculpted cloth stripes to the staff so he'd look like Steven Tyler from Aerosmith.

    Bandana + raised hand + staff cry for rockstar look in my book.

    I'll be looking forward your take on it.

  4. Gorgeous blending. I love it when a great painter gives the treatment to an older fig. Stunning!

  5. ^^ I can take a compliment, thanks! :D

    One thing figures like this do is FORCE you to be careful with your layering etc. There's so little sculpted detail to do any of the work for you :P I give the nameless sculptor credit for trying to be a little imaginative with his pose, but inevitably it caused distorting weirdness around his torso and arms.

    Javi... I'm not sure what's going to happen to the rest of the player minis. I might send some away for mini exchange (along with some newer better stuff of course!) But I do have to say, your rock star idea pretty much fits that one to a tee. And didn't the Harry Potter books already introduce the idea of "wizard rock"?

  6. Very nice work on the Barbarian - really nice effort. I love the cat too - I've been looking for something a bit more siamese to represent a Gyrinx for 40k.

  7. Awesome concept, great execution!


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