Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Works in progress - barbarian and tank

HeroQuest Barbarian
28 mm

Of course, I'm painting him up to go with "Skeletor", but I don't think he'll be as engaging. The villain is so often cooler than the hero... (also this figure is not nearly as interesting a sculpt, nor does his pose work as well with the plastic casting). But that's no reason not to paint him!

Possessed Panzer
15 mm scale

A bit of work on my "possessed" Panzer III. Cutting the tracks up (with the world's #$^@ing dullest razor saw) to make room for the emerging tentacles was a pretty ghastly chore, especially since I wanted to save some of the road wheels and leave some track remaining to dangle convincingly at the ends. But I think once it's done it'll look okay, and I can just plaster some demonic goo over any rough spots ;)


  1. A little conversion (adding the chest and arm armor pieces) would do the trick, but think what makes those cool is to take the most out of them keeping the original shape as is.

    As you said, villains are always more appealing, plus this sculpt wasn't as good as necromancer's.

    I can't picture the tank yet, hope to see more WIP pics of it soon.

  2. Cool out of the box idea for the Panzer 3. looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

  3. Wow... someone from Battlefront wants to see how my total butchering of their tank turns out. I'm flattered :D Thanks for the comment.

    It's actually a little stalled right now because sculpting all the tentacles was getting me down. But it's not dead yet... I just need to get in the mood. Hopefully the end result is worth it.

  4. Hey man im a modelier at heart so if i see a cool idea its all good in my eyes. It could have been worse you could of been doing it to a Tiger 1 or a King tiger - then i would have been sad :(

    Whats got you down about the tenticles maybe i can help?


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