Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Odd Couple

HeroQuest Zombie
28 mm

CSD Mk1 Security Robot
28 mm scale

Despite my wife getting sick this week... followed by me getting sick :( I actually managed to get some painting done. Not much, but I worked a bit on my gunbot and started another HQ mini. So, a clean and tidy guy, and a grungy one.

The robot's blue is just GW "Hawk Turquoise" diluted with a lot of white. It's exactly what I was looking for :) It's hard to see but I added some small wheels stowed on the inside of his legs, similar to Tachikomas...

My inspiration for the zombie is this recent CMON post... but if mine looks half as good I'll be happy. That skin really looks great.


  1. Hope you both get well soon.

    At least you got an excuse, I'm just too lazy to field my paints on the table and start painting.

    CMoN's zombie is really great and some serious subtle work was going on with it. I'd love to know that zombie flesh recipe. Yours on the other hand looks more green shaded but I'm ok with pale green zombies.

    That my life's dilemma: to paint zombieskin pale grey, green, blue or purple.

    Concerning to the robo thingy, the color is super... I got an old (pre boltgun shell like bottles) citadel turquoise hawk paint, I misght try that out as an off white (cold one) recipe. I've been planning to buy pale greyblue from vallejo just for shading whites but might consider it now I've seen how this color looks when whited down.

    ps: adding wheels just makes it nastyer.

  2. The secret of that other guy's zombie flesh is explained on the word "skin". It's a link to his CMON forum post about it.

    I tend to make zombies greenish just by convention. I have no idea what colour a decaying corpse exposed to the elements actually becomes, nor do I really wish to know. Fortunately, very few other people know either, so you can get away with just about anything "sickly"-looking.


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