Wednesday, January 26, 2011

No crown for Victoria

Well, The Chick Challenge verdicts are in , alas my Queen Victoria didn't win anything. But I pretty much knew that as soon as I saw the other entries. It is rather gratifying that neither of the best of show winners were "topless barbarian swordswoman" type subjects, although to be fair that genre was less represented in the contest than it tend to be in the hobby overall...

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  1. Cheer up, I still think part of the merit was from the sculpt itself either it being just eyecandy or the contrary.

    Look at sci-fi gold; paintjob is great but not groundbreaking. Could you tell so much difference between bronze and gold ? maybe not playing the topless card here did the trick. And Silver was just fantasy labeled as sci-fi IMHO.

    Anyways I agree w/ your coment even noticing the sexy nun and such arround.


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