Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Slow going...

Well, my wife is away for a whole month, to improve her French among the Quebecois. Logically this means I should get loads of painting done including a lovely WAMPED! entry, n'est ce pas?
Reality = apathy, and no contest entry even selected :P

This is not shaping up to be one of my better paint jobs. It's kind of a frustrating mini, the overall design aesthetic is "sleek 'n' advanced" but the casting is a little "seamy 'n' pitted". I do like how the top surface looks... so far. But I'm glad I put a few extra protrusions on it to break it up a bit.

(also, right now I'm stuck taking photos with my wife's $700 camera instead of my $99 one, god I miss it. I can't get the damn SLR to stop flashing!)

Oh... and a nifty arrival from eBay:


  1. lol: the camera. Just stick a piece of parchment over the flash.

    Smooth surfaces that are pitted give me no end of grief too; metal warjacks suffer from this. A light coat of gloss varnish over the primer has helped me smooth things out in the past.

    Good luck with your month!

  2. Goddammit, I left a 2 pages commentary on how to improve that mech but got an error loosing all my wisecrack stuff!!

    Well, first of all, even if you're with an angel, sometimes is fun to have some time alone so you can truly live to your very own pace. Like leaveng the dishwasing for tomorrow and painting late night like from 2 to 4, even if next day coworkers think weird stuff about you.

    It happened to me too in my last entry; I ran out of batteries and had to use her ultrapro sexpensive camera. Even it being way better I do preffer my cheapocam, I feel more comfy with it.

    Love the cooking dwarf! you could paint him like chowder cartoons :D

    About the mech, that color experiment alone makes it worthy (I'm still willing to use turquoise hawk that way).

    Its major drawback is thats it's a one color mini. You can avoid that (I wouldn't dare) painting freehand extra armor plating much like when painting patches of cloth stitched to robes in fantasy minis.

    The other way to break monotony should be adding texts and/or numbers, like japanese modellers often do to their mechs.


    Hope that gave you at least a idea or two!

    Have a nice month, pal!

  3. javi: numbers... that's a good idea. He should have some sort of ID stenciled on him somewhere. I don't want to overdo it though, his monochromatic look is kind of unique in my collection. Also, he'll eventually have a (mildly) scenic base to add a bit more variety.

    As for the camera... yeah, I held a tissue over the flash when I took the photos in this post. It helped, but is not ideal. I figure if I Google it enough, I'll find a way to turn it off (though it may require going to full manual mode which I wouldn't like :P) Though I could just roll with it and construct a more sophisticated flash diffuser, since it seems to light the mini enough.


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