Monday, February 21, 2011

Guard Dog

CSD Mk1 Security Robot
28 mm scale

SLR? More like SL ARGH! When is flash ever helpful for macro shooting? When?

So, although it's not my best painting, and definitely not my best photography, I entered this mini in the WAMPED! contest over at the increasingly-popular Wargames And Miniatures Paradise. I feel I should represent, even if it isn't with anything outstanding.

Good points, IMO: the pale blue bot base colour, exactly what I was trying for. Also the display base he's sitting on turned out Star Trek-style clean, which matches the bot, rather than Firefly-grimy. Not-so-good: some fairly impatient blending on the bot, especially in the difficult areas of the legs where the casting wasn't so hot. Also, that nice, clean base lacks detail, and therefore visual interest (a few gubbins from the 1:300 Soviet navy sprue don't help much).


  1. Looks good! The pale blue really has that clean feel.

    In terms of presentation, the angle of the photography may be an issue because the leading edge of the base is somewhat irregular. A more oblique angle for the photo may have made that less obvious. I didn't notice it until this photo.

  2. Oh, and I absolutely love the orange stripe.

  3. Yes, it's the little things that kill ya when you look at a mini photo... The irregular base is evidence I finished it in kind of a hurry. But it's not so bad, around here it's sometimes cat hairs that I don't see in the photo until it's been montaged and posted to Coolmini :P This one I'll touch up before I do that (once I get my camera back).

    The orange stripe was a must... to make the wall not totally boring. Probably inspired by one of the departments on my campus that has colour coded stripes on the walls to show which section you're in. Very space station-y. And orange is the complement of blue, so it really pops out!


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