Sunday, March 06, 2011


So it looks like my Miniature Exchange recipient bsop (a.k.a. Ben Sopczyk, of Glens Falls NY) has decided to screw us :( I say "us" because not only did he not send anything on to the next guy, thus ripping him off, but now I really should send something so that guy has something to paint. I don't mind doing that at all, but I shouldn't need to. This all leaves a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth, but ultimately, who cares? I just don't want someone else to have a bad experience from this :)

So, sent to Bret ("Ritus") in Utah:

Reaper Dwarf Cleric
Possessed Trooper
WH40K Kroot
HeroQuest orc and skeleton (heh)


  1. the label "frustrarion" seems to msum this up very well...

    I wonder how did you find out. Anyway, I think that was a cheap and rather silly way to get few free minis.

    IMHO he has more to loose this way since from now on he will have hard times trading thru forums and participating discussions as far as you or the other guy repport him.

    At least for every sad story one twice warmer arises; you'll gonna send the next guy minis and still you are happy to do so!

    BTW is that possesed trooper from mutant chronicles' warzone !?

  2. I'm not sure where the possessed trooper is from. I received it in a previous exchange :D (yes, I'm regifting...)

    And I honestly don't know if "bsop" is dishonest, or just lazy. It doesn't really matter since I suspect we will not see him around CMON again. The only other forum I've found that login on was a car customization forum, and he hadn't posted there since late 2010.

  3. Have to say that's the reason I stopped participating in the mini exchange so long ago. I got burned on it too. Sucks all the fun out of what should be an interesting and enjoyable event.

  4. This might be my last one for a while... need to lick my wounds. But I will do it again I think :) There are always a few rotters in every barrel, but by and large CMON has been a trustworthy community.

    My main beef with the Exchanges is that so few people paint and post what they receive. One of my favourite CMON experiences was wiccanpony painting the 7th Seas pirate I sent her (waaaaay back in 2004), and it turning out looking great! That said, I've been as guilty of not painting my loot as anyone.


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