Monday, March 07, 2011

Für das Vaterland!

Gepanzerte Truppen
15 mm

Some Eureka sci-fi WW2 Germans, first posted here back in 2009, sans bases. I figured that since I just ordered a set of Khurasan's "Control Battalion Infantry Riflethings", I should finish these guys up and get them off my work table. Great little sculpts; they really have the feeling of being the menacing elite soldiers of an evil war machine, even at this tiny scale.

The Riflethings will probably end up as some kind of WW2-era strangeness as well. I'm just not sure what. I ordered a sci-fi walker as well, so maybe I'll do the lot as Allied gear, since the Germans usually seem to have the Weird War advantage.


  1. OMFG!

    jin roh. Excellent paintjob, superb bases

  2. Hehe, yes... Jin-Roh. What a disturbing, morally clouded film that was. Glad you like the minis! The base style, incidentally, was completely ripped-off from the ones on the Khurasan Riflethings - just some sand and ballast, with wall ruins made from a torn cork coaster.

  3. Even after all the time I spend looking at miniatures, I'm amazed at how much a well done base adds to the atmosphere and look. Well done.


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