Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hack and Slash

Cyberpunk Elf Street Warrior
25 mm

Nothing says "dark future of the 80's" like ripped jean shorts, a mohawk and a katana ;) I received this figure for Mini Exchange #25; I think it's a "Shadowrun" mini by Grenadier but I'm not certain, since Stuff of Legends' SR gallery is very incomplete.

informs me "This mini is from mark copplestone's future warriors and it was labeled as future warriors killer bimbo's, all 5 minis under the same reference 7901 (page 100)." Thanks!

Pretty cool anyway, in a retro way. Edit #2: I'm not sure where I got "elf" from, since she doesn't have pointy ears. Perhaps from her slight physique.

The base is a resin industrial-type thingy I received a few exchanges ago. So this is a two-fer, if you will.


  1. You forgot to mention chrome. Wearing chrome glasses at night so you reflect the neon lights :)

    Me likes it. Of course I'm sure I got stuck in the late 80s-90 cyberpunk genre when there was no internet but fiction told tales about plugging yourself into a virtual global system, when we were certain that car would fly in the year 2000... oh all those manga-anime stuff.

    Nowadays sadly, the genre is almost non-existent IMHO cause almost everything has become true: megacorps (almost) rule that capitalist world, information is avaliable to anyone thanks to the world wide web and we almost busted down our planet so the Fi in sci-fi has nearly gone when speaking of cyberpunk.

    BTW, I love the mini and what I coincidence, I just ordered (like 2 days ago) FASA's (RIP) high tech & low lives, an artbook about Shrun :)

    IMHO this mini screams for a cityscape base, like an alley or a rooftop where neon lights bath half of his figure (sourcelighting paintjob hint nudge-nudge ;).

    I might suggest heavy drybrushing for a propper stone washed jeans effect.

    You better paint this soon. And nicely. Otherwise I'll feel obligated to spam you to death.

    Can't wait to see it painted :) cheers.

  2. Again, I rise like phoenix to enlighten you, mere mortals.

    I got a phisical copy of 94 grenadier's catalogue.

    This mini is from mark copplestone's future warriors and it was labeled as future warriors killer bimbo's, all 5 minis under the same reference 7901 (page 100).

    Now I pity myself for being mr.know-it-all here and there but not offering a single bit of useful information @ my own blog :D

    oh, the joys of wisecrack bloggin' :)

  3. Just to add my own bit of 'know-it-all-ism'. The line of the Killer bimbos is still available for dirt cheap from EM-4 miniatures. Anyhow, not sure why the mohawk is destined to become the hair-du-jour in the apocolypse, but it is undeniable. Can't wait to see what you do with this one.

  4. Vike: Heh, she's "Katana Kate". I see they sell a bunch of juicy dark future stuff (including my CMON breakout "Riot Girl" figure, wouldn't mind revisiting that one some day). Thanks for that tip.

  5. Thanks for your comment/compliment.

    Shoulder pads and space marine backpack are custom made. The whole mini was made from scratch indeed despite not by hand and putty as usually but using ONLY a computer.

    It's just a 3D computer file created in Bender (think some kind of auto CAD) and printed in 3D (companies like shapeways offer that kind of service) in some kind of rough resin material, much like you can print a jpg out on paper.

    That's why it has that kind of machined look to it.

    A friend from france designed it and sent me a copy wich I just handpainted.

    While being an interesting way of creating minis (AFAIK games workshop create some of their plastics w/ computers instead of traditional sculpting) I can't see myself relying on a machine to do my sculpting duties yet I can see its benefits to companies as once you got a nice looking 3D model altering the pose to make it a different mini is matter of minutes.

    IMO that's the reason why nowadays "toy soldiers" look all the same.


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