Saturday, April 02, 2011

Earth Invaders

"Doctor Who" Dalek and Cyberman
28 mm

I'll be the first to admit these are basically tabletop-level paint jobs, but I wanted to have some fun and finish these quickly. We've been watching so much Doctor Who lately that I'm kind of... obsessed :) Anyway I like these two as a pair; they have different body shapes and metallic hues, but the same objective: conquer and destroy! The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend...


Side note: I found a couple of other decent blogs with some pretty pictures of Doctor Who minis:

Miros' Games - UNIT, Cyberman and Sontaran forces.

An Evil Giraffe - Some nice recent-series figures.

captain apathy's secret lab - inclues some Vogans, Movellans and Zygons, which I'm not familiar with.

ArtWho9 Figure Painting - a lot of the old Citadel (!) DW range, including Sea Devils and Martians.


  1. Does the cyberman have any white on it (i.e. trousers) or is he just mithril silver-ed all over?

    They look good and clean paintjobs; those fellas were mostly metallic so there aren't many options when it comes to paint those.

    BTW haven't watched the Dr. in decades...

  2. No white, just metallics. Cybermen are kind of plain, in a shiny way. Their interesting-ness is in their form (which has changed many times in the show's history; the first ones were pretty dorky-looking!)

  3. Hey, thanks for the noice cooments about my blog. Its nice to know people appreciate the posts. I will add your blog to my list as wells. Cheers.


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