Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why am I not painting?

I'm a busy man these days:

Freaking "real life". I'll try and post some proper content soon, I promise :P

(no that's not actually our sonogram, I don't have a digital copy of it)


  1. Well grats on the real life things!

    I had a "90 day domestication program" back in 1998. Within three months my wife and I bought a house, got a dog and found out she was pregnant.

  2. A dog? Wow, you really went all-out! ;)

  3. Nice "wip" I'm sure that will be the best "minii" you'll do in a lifetime!

    BTW I'm lately being into terrain modelling too... actually we are working into something we call "the kitchen".

    It's amazing how those "whole new home" things shove money. I'm actually left with 1,44 Euros in my bank account but 2 weeks far from having a heaven of a kitchen.

    I guess from now on I'll have to cook, sculpt, paint, play videogames and sleep in our super kitchen cause I ran out of fund to finish the rest of the house, lol.

    Oh, I'm rambling again. To have a work where you belong (may I say, vocational?) and to progress in life (bigger house-kids-dog formula) are always great news. That's what we are born for after all :)

    Congrats on everything (hi5)


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