Saturday, May 14, 2011

So little

... both the figures, and the amount of painting I've been getting accomplished lately :P

Soviet flag bearer
15 mm

The first time I've done proper eyes with whites and pupils on a 15 mm figure :)

Soviet Assault Walker
15 mm scale

As you can see, I think I accomplished the "look" I was going for, a much brighter green (Ordic Olive mixed with Space Wolf Grey) than standard WW2 Allied olive drab. There apparently was no standard Soviet armour colour, since all factories used whatever was available.

Next I just have to base these guys and paint some markings on the mech. It's been a while since did any freehand...

In other news, I just discovered Blogger has a static page function, so I can put up an About Me page and stuff like that. I'm always reluctant to put too much personal info on the web, but I'm not an "in the closet" mini painter, or anything :)


  1. Wow that flag sure looks dramatically lighted ! I love the overall look, like those movie poster effects where everything looks almost white (desaturated) but the reds are so bright and dramatic.

    The mech looks nice too, love how it departs from the standard military olive green cpoloration.

  2. I was aware of the static page but browsing your blog today just noticed the new header...

    15mm hobbits,it's been long since you painted them!

    The image treatment fits well your overall blog scheme, GJ !

  3. Heh, the Fellowship are actually 10 mm scale! Bloody well the tiniest things I've ever painted! Glad you like my new decor, I hadn't noticed how easy it was to add a title image there until just yesterday.


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