Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Papercraft basing

Well my security bot is almost done, so I was thinking it needs a base. It has too wide a stance for most regular plastic bases, so I figured maybe I could build something a little more interesting.

I put this together in about an hour... aside from the little grey gubbins and bit of screen, it's all paper. Largely some 5x5 cm pieces of foamcore board, and card stock. Hopefully it'll look as good as plasticard construction once it's painted.

I suppose the idea here could be that the door is jammed open and the bot is preventing anyone from entering. Or leaving... I really just built it halfway open because it looks a bit more interesting.


  1. Really nice work, and thematically consistent with the bot. It should make a great scene.

    Is rigidity of paper over time an issue? Are you going to treat the paper with any kind of hardening agent?

  2. ... Other than paint? Probably not :) Buddhism teaches us that all material things are transitory. So if it goes all twisty-bendy in the future, I'll just chalk it up to a lesson learned (along with my mini from a few years back who's now based in yellow snow!)

    I may not even glue the bot to the floor, so that I can use this as a photo stage for future sci-fi minis if I need to. Plus, his toes are so very pointy, there's not a lot of area to glue anyway!

    One idea I had was to print off a graphic of some sort of interesting futuristic environment (repair dock, med lab etc.) from the internet and mount it behind the door. But I don't think it'd look good except when viewing it straight-on.

  3. The truth of the transitory nature of things will be well applied when children starting mixing with your "stuff." They are a catalyst for increased entropy and decreased potential energy in all things.

    My snow has yellowed as well, even absent Huskies.

    I like the backdrop idea. If you place it back a bit from the doorway I wonder if camera depth of field tricks would make it look deeper than it is. For the photo it might work. In 3d, probably not.

  4. Amazing results for just 1 hour and just paper stock!

    I like the backdrop idea, but i'd rather paint over a photo or maybe go fora space hulk-ish ilustration type of pic.

    By the way, have you ever seen Mc Farlane toys' 3D posters ? Flat posters with some degree of detail popping out. You could easily sculpy over a photograph a little of volume for an enhaced sense of deepness. See reference pics.

  5. a lazyer solution would be ptinting the same pic several times, cut out details and then reglue those bits with a square of foam between them and the background. that might do the trick too.

  6. My mom used to do that in the 70's.... what was that called?

  7. "Decoupage"?

    I was just about to say, this is all starting to sound dangerously like... scrapbooking ;)

  8. LMAO !! >:D

    Lovvvely little crafts blog you got missus I must say!

  9. finally found something to ilustrate it !

  10. Decopage was the word that came immediately to mind, but searches on that word yielded things that seemed a lot more artistic than the kitschy stuff my mom was doing. Maybe she was doing the paint-by-numbers equivalent to decopage.

    Paper basing, scrapbooking, reindeer magnet made from a clothespin.... it's all good.

  11. This is fantastic, and very inspiring.


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