Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ho ho ho...

It being the holiday season, I've been busy with some less metallic, more.... edible crafts:

"Nightmare Before Christmas" gingerbread house
~22 cm

I'll be back to the painting soon... since I have a few more days off :)


  1. great creepy gingerbread house Allison. Much better than the one caleb and i made when we all live on mason court!

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Hmm... If I recall correctly, that one was a "gingerbread mountain" consisting of a smashed-up house kit icing-ed together with lots of jaggy "peaks", and a gingerbread man climbing it. It was unique.

  3. ssssssssssu... garrrrrrr... caaandy (dripping) I don't know much about how difficult is candy crafting stuff but I can tell it screams to be eaten now.

    I'm not joking, maybe it's the colors on the roof but it has something that calls me. Well, maybe it's been too long since last time I tasted candy =)

    Great work and 100% lead free unlike ye olde minis.

  4. It certainly has a "night before Christmas" look to it.

    The snake going through is a nice touch, and I have never seen candy corn look so menacing.


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