Monday, December 04, 2006

No piccy, no clicky :(

My girlfriend has borrowed my camera this week, so no updates even if I do get painting done. In lieu, anyone who reads Painting Agency is encouraged to check out the following:

OXFAM Unwrapped

Doctors Without Borders

Child's Play


  1. so lets pray God you get some stuff painted... for us to see next week ;)

    Really nice links. I'd actually love to see all those advertisement efforts and resorces being spent on charity itself, not to promote it (refering to the orgs. themselves). Or at least to promote it between rich people wich contributions would mean nothing for them but alot for the people with need (while ordinary guy's mean not that much for the needed ones but that whatever you wanted and you worked so many extra hours). I can tell cause the ones I know working arround Spain are Medics sans frontiers who disturbed me (really, rude actitude for someone who is begging for help) everyday on the way to work/dinner no matter I stoped by, paid attention,signed in the previous day or gave instant money, trying to make me feel like a bastard for not giving more but not giving a single registry paper nor information to pleople who apparently has spare time and money! :(

    Wow this ended up as a rant. Bottom line is, helping others is OK, just try to find the org whom policy fits you better or you may even end up regreting from giving your money to those little bastards (that given org, not the children of course) :)

    Oh, have merry xmas!

  2. I'm totally buying my sister a donkey for the holidays! thanks Allison!

  3. Liz, I'm sure she'll appreciate it :) It's really such a great idea, sometimes gifts of a charitable donation can be kind of impersonal, or rather, it's hard to exactly say how the gift will help. But a donkey... that's a very specific thing to donate, and it sort of allows one to better imagine the immediate benefits it will bring somebody. A clever program on Oxfam's part.

    Javi, I'm sorry to hear MSF were annoying you, they seem to be a good org and often work in places where their own life and limb are endangered. Charitable fundraising strategies do have a lot of ethical questions associated with them - how far should you go to solicit the funds you need to complete your mission?


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