Sunday, December 10, 2006

"We've lost contact with the colony on LV-426."

Facehugger Attack!

Well, he's finished. Poor bastard, he thought he'd be getting a huge bonus from the company for his "discovery". I think this mini turned out looking decent, I tried to produce a dramatic, high-contrast paint job rather than flawless blending. The sculpt itself was rather lacking, specifically it had problems with some of the clothing details being indistinct or poorly-rendered. This is typical of many sculpts from the late 80's, however.

The eggs are plaster casts of some ones that came with my Alien Queen, a probably-rare set I bought WAY back when (c. 1991 in fact).

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  1. woha! you picked out the details really well considering "80's flatness". My favourite are the eggs, kinda reminds me the color artwork for "kryomek" (old sci-fi game).

    Also seeing non caucasian skintones are always refreshing. It looks right that is far more that can be said of some dark skintones. I'm wondering wich colors you used... people at CMoN tend to say chocolate brown and rose-brown. I think VMC cavalry brown or hull red would do the trick too... I so afraid about screwing up the mini that I don't even try darker tones :/

    Glad to see you got your camera back :)


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