Saturday, December 02, 2006

This is clearly an important species we're dealing with...

Facehugger Attack!
28 mm

The colonists who made their homes on LV-426 had no idea why the company had really sent them to this inhospitable rock. But they found out. Kids, hugs are NOT better than drugs.

Frankly, this miniature is not that well-sculpted, at least by today's standards. But I still think it'll be fun to paint.


  1. Black primed!? You heretic!!1! ;D

    Thats pretty much the problem with old miniatures; the sculpts aren't as smooth and painter-friendly as todays' (but still them are more interesting than the most of nowaday's).

    Shirt starts to look nice base colored but I'm definetdly looking forward to the final results on the huggie yellow-tan-green-greyish skin color. They should sell it premixed as "facehugger skintone" as well as "The Hutt brown-green yellowish skintone".

    I'm sure you're getting close to the pic colors and so doing the mini justice.

  2. Thanks, Javi!

    Not black-primed... white primed, and black undercoated on the boots and base only. I'd hate to try and paint light blue over black :(

    GW "Rotting Flesh" is pretty close to facehugger colour, that's what I'm using. The translucency is what gives them their creepy tone, I can't really replicate that. Certainly not on this scale.


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