Tuesday, January 02, 2007

For England!

Universal Carrier
35 mm long

Just another WW2 mini, Allied this time. Not an amazing paint job, I'll admit. Though this is meant to be a British or Canadian vehicle, the "American" white star was a common Allied air-recognition marking, used to reduce friendly* aircraft attacks on ground vehicles. The cartoon is presumably from a training manual, this was NOT a "tank" by any means and using it as such probably got a few soldiers killed.

* military saying: "friendly fire... isn't"


  1. Friendly fire is superb, specially when people don't care about others' life and go happy trigger. I think teamkilling is what constantly reminds online players that they are playing with non AI players :D

    I guess it's ok for the scale. The paltte is nice and the wear effect is a touch to take in account. I think it limps on flesh parts and base but solid colors instead of flashy D&Desque lights do work on historical minis.

    Those should exist on battlefield-like games so vehicle thiefs would be easier to punish.

    I was hoping to see Jabba as your first 2007 mini :/


  2. Jabba the Hutt? I haven't finished Boba Fett yet! Jabba... well he'll get done some time :)

    As for team killers... I've been playing the WWII first-person-shooter "Day of Defeat" lately and I usually can't hit the enemy, let alone my own team. I'm mostly just meat for the snipers :P

  3. I've played on the past but since I jumped into the source wago I quitted. Aiming was too "realistic" compared to the arcade-like gameplay of CS I was used to, so the natural chice was to go WARROCK (free game) then buy battlefield :)


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