Sunday, January 07, 2007


Amid the post-holiday work blitz, I'm getting a bit of painting done... I like how the high-contrast look is turning out on Boba here.


  1. I'm amazed about the contrast you achieved between gray, green and that dark and deep red.Yellow stands out nicely too. Are you going to use NMM ? I can tell for the helmet antena on it's left side. Aww holydays, I can't get a thing finished.

  2. Hey Allison,

    Whats next? A painted mini of "Dog: The Bounty Hunter"

  3. Heya, thanks for your sympathies.

    Boba is looking great. His "cape" is supposed to be made of wookie pelts though. Just thought I would nitpick at an otherwise nicely painted mini. :)

    Take it easy.

  4. Actually his cape is green fabric, he has braided Wookiee hair lanyards hanging from his right shoulder, they aren't visible on this mini.


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