Thursday, January 25, 2007

"The Empire will compensate you if he dies."

Boba Fett
25 mm

"You like to hurt folk."
"Part of the job."
"That's why you TOOK the job."

- River Tam and bounty hunter Jubal Early, "Firefly"

Well, he's done. I think he looks fantastic too, the saturated colours give him a comic book vividness which doesn't really match his appearance in the films, but works well on this scale. The figure is kind of small (for a miniature, even) so this helps to make the details more distinct as well.

Again, thanks to treide for this great figure.


  1. This turned out really well. The contrast works and the fig really comes alive with your paint. Nice one!

  2. The empire will kill your ass if we don't see some more painting up in this place.

    It does not have to be a mini, but I need my monthly does of art!

    we miss you in the blogosphere!


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