Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Jungle Bases, and a Third Doctor

Still working on these Huntarr...  The figures themselves are largely done but I'm trying to make some credible jungle/forest floor bases.  Not easy in 15mm!  I thought about sculpting them from greenstuff but in the end fell back on the old, reliable spice rack, in this case, oregano.  It's very hard to apply without seeing it stick up in an out-of-scale manner, and I always end up filling in gaps by fussily tweezering individual tiny flakes into place.

Come at me bro!

I'm having a bit of a creative block deciding what material (or rather, species) the chieftain's cape should be.  This is just a placeholder, I swear.  I really should have just sculpted some fur onto it before I painted him.  Too late now.

The Third Doctor

Meanwhile, to give my eyes a rest, I thought I'd hit a 28mm project for a change.  This is yet another Black Tree Miniatures Doctor Who figure: John Pertwee's flamboyant, ruffles-wearing Third Doctor.  He's flagantly violating Edna Mode's rule: "No capes!"


  1. Wow, that jungle base is one of the best i've ever seen, really at any scale. And that predator looks great too.

    Would you mind doing a tutorial or step by step?

  2. Hmm, thanks, but it's not even done yet :)

    Briefly, I spread glue on the base, sprinkle oregano flakes onto it, then squish them down with my fingertip or a little rubber tool called a Color Shaper so they're not too fluffy. Then I individually glue little bits over any gaps where the base shows through.

    Painting: This one is just base coated, which is to say liberally washed with a diluted mixture of green, brown and black. Once that's dry I touch it up a bit by hand and gently drybrush with tan and/or Rotting Flesh to bring out the texture of the vegetation debris.

    I may add some painted plastic aquarium plant bits for living plants if I think they'll look good. I can probably do some kind of tutorial post if the end result warrants it.

  3. I like it, straight forward with great results...

    I look forward to seeing the finished product!

  4. I like these Huntarr a lot- you really have done them justice, Allison.

  5. chieftan's cape would work just sculpting a couple of folds here and there, and maybe rags (the preddy striped the costume out of superman's dead body).

    Patches of different fabric, with stitches would do the trick too... like a red piece of superman's cape + grey spandex with batman's logo, etc...


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